Technology has been affecting our lives in almost each and every way possible. It has made it to each and every aspect of our lives and for a common man, thinking of a day without technology in this era is unimaginably impossible. Come to think of a situation where you have to choose between reading about advancement in technology and entertainment, 80% of the readers would divert their attention towards technology based on the fact that it is something we have to collaborate with every day.

We are going to go through some of the latest technology trends in this article to shed some light over where our lives are headed.




Cloud is the trendiest thing in the tech world which the world is moving towards with an extremely swift pace. The benefits that cloud is providing businesses are numerous which includes the reduction in hosting and hardware costs, accessibility and availability, enhanced collaboration and an increase in productivity.

IoT – Internet of Things

Internet of Things of the concept of connected devices is something that I believe everyone must have heard by now. The concept has been implemented in several areas and places and it is still on the rise. The idea of smart home where you don’t have to worry if you left your Air Conditioning on since you were in a hurry for office because you can now turn off the Air Conditioning with the use of your Smartphone device over the internet. IoT is certainly something that will soon make it to our lives based on the ease that will bring along with it.

Smart/Green Homes

There have been some extreme innovations that home builders have made in the past decade, especially in the areas of home technology. Almost anything with a computer chip in a home can be programmed to become a touchpad with voice activated technology or integrated with current tech. For example, you could theoretically tell your phone to pre-heat the oven from anywhere. You could make sure all the lights are turned off when you leave the house. There are already integrated systems for thermostats that could keep the temperature at the optimum level for your specific budget. How cool is that?!

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Entertainment such as movies and games play a crucial part in our lives. After all, we need to calm ourselves after a hectic day at work or continuously working for a week on those exams. AR and VR are the technologies that have fueled the flame of actually being the character in your favorite game of enhanced the gaming experience by engraving a person within a game itself. With a bunch of products already rolling in the market, the future of AR and VR looks promising for sure.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and AI go by the concept of making something intelligent enough to take decision with reference to the input the user provides. Initially, this was something that has been used in robotics, but the concept has recently made it to several other things including web sites. Websites tend to make multiple decisions on a single user input. This makes it highly intelligent and smart.