Getting a job in the tech industry may seem like a difficult task and for a wide majority of people this statement stands true. However, the actual solution or turnaround for this is how serious are you about your transition into the tech field. It all depends on how seriously you are taking the process; once you start walking that path you will notice that all you have to do is just be aware of a few simple things.

Every job requires a skillset and craftsmanship, the tech industry is no different. Human beings are one way or the other similar, the people already working in the tech industry have a set of skills that align with the industry, similarly, the magician you see at an amusement park has skills that align with the industry he is working at.



Are you switching from another Career?

People tend to change jobs because of multiple reasons they can be money, interest or simply curiosity. As human beings, our plans and goals change and therefore it is completely normal for people to change fields.

Jot Down your Skills

The first thing you do is grab a piece of paper and jot down all your skills. Do know that during the first 10 minutes of your activity, you will feel like you have no skills at all! But that is only because for a majority of the people reading this would not have done this before. Start from the simplest things you can think of, slowly and gradually you will start remembering things. Once you are done, match the requirements of the job you are looking for with your skill set.

Polish your Skills

If you are coming from another career, you will be lying short of the skills that the job requires. Don’t worry at all, it is completely normal. The best start you can have is right down the skills that you are lacking and then searching the internet for the best online resources.

Certifications are the best thing you can do to yourself. They act as identification for your skills and also portrays as a positive image in front of the interviewer. It shows that you are hardworking and ready to go the extra mile.

Keep in mind that your skills will help distinguish you from the rest of the applicants. Give the recruiters a reason to give you preference over the rest of the lot.


Since you are looking for a job in the tech industry, you must have a digital profile that can let your recruiter know that that you are well-aware of the trends. LinkedIn serves as your online Resume. It displays all your skills, achievements and experience.

Make it certain that your profile on LinkedIn is up-to date and in-line with your Resume. The easiest workaround for LinkedIn is to fill in all your information from your Resume. That way you would know if you are missing anything on your Resume and you can quickly add those points as well. LinkedIn also allows you to post online, make sure you get yourself under the spotlight by writing articles related to the field you are trying to make your way into, this shows the world that you are actually interested in the field and you want to make a difference.