ASUS ROG Spatha – Gaming Mouse Review

Asus has set its arena in every corner of the computing world. Whether is making high quality and durable laptops to office laptops and all the way up to the gaming world, it has never disappointed its users. This is pretty much evident by the way Asus fans are offended by any other company that can offer a similar product to that of the ones the company has to offer. In fact, the ROG or the republic of gamers tag has been a premium one to carry for casual gamers and more importantly professional gamers.

Asus has recently made its way to the gaming world by introducing their outstanding gaming mouse which they are calling the Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) Spatha. Sounds similar to Sparta, right? Well, the store is similar here. Similar to the rest of the products that the company has to offer the Spatha is a premium mouse with a premium price tag of $160 which is the highest when compared to any of the mice that we have compared earlier, although, the mouse has to offer several things that might make people agree on the price tag and others may stop right at the position where they are and look for other options. For a neutral person who has used Asus’s products in the past, let’s dig deeper into the actual working performance and features that would matter to a professional gamer.



The Spatha’s design alone has a catch. The design is just so different and at the same time feels extremely comfortable in hand. The magnesium alloy body is a great touch to the material which adds up to the premium feel besides the multiple buttons on the mouse and the amazing RGB colors all over the body. ¬It goes without saying that the magnesium body is an amazing touch to the mouse but due to the same reason it weighs 179g, which is way too heavy for a mouse. On the positive side, it is much durable and the feel is totally worth the extra weight. Besides, the weight the size of the mouse is noticeably big which again is similar to all the products that comes under the Republic of Gamers umbrella of Asus.

The biggest catch for the Asus ROG Spatha is the fact that it works both wirelessly and wired. The Spatha comes with a docking station for the mouse that can be used as a charging dock as well. The beauty of this mouse in specific is the fact that there is no mouse lag at all whether you are playing wirelessly or tethered to a wire.

There is a total of 12 buttons on the spathe that are fully programmable via the Asus Armory software. The button placement is something one has to get used to slowly and gradually because they are pretty awkwardly placed. The DPI adjuster is just behind the scroll wheel, the forward and the back buttons are placed at the edge of the left-click button and makes it real tough to access, especially, the forward button. Other than that, there are 6 buttons on the left side of the mouse where the thumb rests. These buttons can be extremely confusing and the feel of the touch isn’t as good as one would expect from a mouse as expensive as that of the spatha.

Asus has used Omron switches in the mouse which are more durable than that of the conventional or the mechanical switches. These switches are pretty convenient to change and are a great addition to the overall structure of the mouse.


  1. Amazing and solid design
  2. 12 buttons can be customized via the software
  3. Both wired and wireless


  1. The side buttons are stiff to press and feels mushy.
  2. A bit huge and heavy for users with small hands.

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